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Ardonan Lake Lodge Features

additional features the Lodge can offer you


Boat renting

Rent one or more of our boats equiped with or without an outboarder and go on adventures. 

Our boats will give you the opportunity to see the nature from a different angle and help you to get a fish on the hook.

Rowing Boat 

min 1 day -> 50€

7 days -> 175

if you intend to book longer an additional price of 25€ a day will be added

Canoe renting

The perfect sporty activity for your vacation!

With up to 4 people have place in one canoe and we have a max of 2 ready to be rented at the same time.

1 day/1 canoe -> 65

+1day -> 25

4-7 days/1 canoe -> 140

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